Carefree, Arizona is a desert oasis that’s home to a little over 3,000 people and sprawls nearly 9 miles. Although the town is small, it offers big things for residents and visitors. Now, Carefree offers multiple business opportunities, which has earned it economic awards, including the “Best Master Plan/Project/Study in Arizona for 2015. The town’s close location to Phoenix makes it a hub for corporate travelers and events due to the abundance of opportunities the area offers. Onyx Express provides the corporate transportation needed in the area for a variety of events.


Economic Development in Carefree

Carefree hosts one of the most affluent market trade areas in the Phoenix Metro area, making the economic development in the city abundant. With an 80 acre central business district, the town has recently commissioned a Master Plan to develop the future and cultivation of the community. Through strategic planning, the town now offers many proactive cultivate opportunities to meet customer demands while extending business ventures in the area. Among one of the most recent projects in the approval of a luxury condominium project, which will diversify and extend the business opportunities in the area.

As the town continues to build business ventures, more and more large corporations are heading to the area. As executives and luxury travelers head to the growing community, Onyx Express is there to serve the needs of corporation and high-class professionals. We offer elite corporate transportation in Carefree for a diversity of business needs, including meetings and events.

For those who come to Carefree for business, we offer airport and hotel transportation to ensure the stay is as seamless as possible. There’s no need to navigate unfamiliar streets as we know the ins and outs of the city to get your to your destination on time and in style. Each of the vehicles we offer provide the best accommodations for a stress-free ride. Our professional chauffeurs work to handle all of your needs so you can spend more time focusing on other matters.

If you’re ready to benefit from the best corporate transportation company in Carefree, contact Onyx Express today to benefit from superior customer service and travel luxury.

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