Luxurious Vehicle Fleet for Executive Travelers in Arizona

Luxurious Vehicle Fleet for Executive Travelers in Arizona

Onyx Express is proud to offer a luxurious vehicle fleet for executive travelers in Arizona, including Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Tucson, Glendale, Casa Grande, and other Phoenix Metro areas. Holding strong relationships with many Fortune 500 companies, we understand your expectations when it comes to executive travel, which is why we only offer the best luxurious vehicles to meet your needs.

Comfort and Style

Our fleet of luxury vehicles accommodate all of your needs for comfort and style. We offer a diversity of top-of-the-line vehicles, including town cars, sedans, SUVs, busses, and limos, to deliver ultimate comfort, while providing the best style. All of our vehicles and chauffeurs are held to the highest standard, offering the ideal experience and satisfaction for executive travelers.


Our luxurious vehicle fleet offers ultimate convenience for our passengers. We are pleased to accommodate your specific needs to ensure you make the most of your time traveling with us. In addition, our extensive fleet offers numerous vehicle sizes to accommodate both large and small groups of executive travelers. Plus, you’re able to reserve a vehicle directly from our website.


Every vehicle in our luxury fleet undergoes rigorous scheduled maintenance and cleaning for maximum dependability while traveling with Onyx Express. You can rest assured that our vehicles are reliable, so there’s no need to worry about unexpected mechanical delays. Our vehicles are cleaned fully and properly to guarantee you’re fully satisfied with your travel experience.


Your safety is among our top priority when traveling with Onyx Express. Therefore, our chauffeurs will ensure all safety and traffic precautions and regulations are followed. In addition, our vehicles host the latest industry safety standards for your protection should the unexpected occur.

Onyx Express is a leader for luxury transportation for executive travelers in Arizona. Supported by an elite fleet of luxury vehicles, you can rest easy knowing that you’re traveling with the best. We work hard to ensure you have the ultimate experience with Onyx Express.

To reserve a luxurious vehicle from our fleet for your executive travel needs, call 480-837-8577 today!