Choose Onyx Express for American Airline’s Luxury Experience

Enhance Your Travel Journey with American Airline’s Luxury Experiences

American Airlines has recently expanded their luxury additions to include exclusive partnerships throughout the U.S. and international destinations for VIP services. From a private suite to your own TSA and custom screening, you’ll enjoy an elite, luxury experience. Onyx Express is proud to help travelers using American Airline’s 5 levels of service to make your travel time as relaxing as possible.

American Airlines Luxury Experience

American Airlines offers 5 levels of luxury experience to choose from, including:

Five Star Service

Purchasing a ticket to any of their premium cabins gives you access to a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Access to Flagship First Check-In and the Admirals Club Lounge.
  • Priority boarding and re-accommodation status.
  • Car service coordination.

Five Star Select

If you’ve purchased a ticket to a premium cabin that’s not included in the Flagship experience, you can still enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Access to Flagship First Check-In and Flagship First Dining.
  • American Airlines Cadillac or cart transfer.
  • Priority boarding and re-accommodation status.
  • Car service coordination.

Five Star Private Transfer

You can enjoy privacy before you take off with the Five Star Private Departure at LAX when choosing a premium cabin. You’ll be escorted through the process for a seamless experience. Once you’re inside the terminal, you’ll enjoy:

  • Flagship First Dining Access.
  • Gate Escorts.
  • Priority boarding and re-accommodation status.

Five Star Private Arrival

Skip the wait when landing and get to where you need to go faster with Five Star Private Arrival when landing at LAX.

Add Private Transportation Today!

American Airline’s luxury experience is available in many cities in the U.S., including Phoenix. Onyx Express is proud to be a part of your luxury travel needs with private car services to and from the airport. We closely monitor all flights, so you can rest assured we will be there on time for a truly seamless experience. No matter if you need a ride to the airport, your hotel, or an event, Onyx Express will be there for you.

Get the VIP travel experience you deserve with American Airlines and Onyx Express. Call (480) 837-8577 for reservations.